World War Micro Tanks Jungle Warfare Blitz

World War Micro Tanks

Available on iOS
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World War Micro Tanks Jungle Warfare Blitz

World War Micro Tanks is a classic tank shooting game, it’s exciting, fast-paced, action.

You are deep in jungle warfare and as the Tank Commander, it is your mission to navigate your crew through the dense jungle with minimal casualties.

The enemy has been instructed to destroy you at any cost and are fully equipped with state-of-the-art, combat choppers, armoured vehicles, extremely fast jeeps and camouflaged turrets. You will experience their constant, brute-force, fire-power as you blitz your tank through this battlefield.

Beware, both the helicopters and turrets are equipped with high-explosive, anti-tank rounds that come at you from all directions – you will need to have razor-sharp reflexes to survive.

World War Micro Tanks Jungle Warfare Blitz

The Helicopters and Camouflaged Turrets are heavily armoured and take the most shots to defeat. Shoot these as early as possible to avoid multiple bullets flying around.

Collect “Power-Up’s” to help you win the war. If you spot a grenade, grab it fast, it will destroy all enemies within a few seconds and give you a better chance to collect military stars to upgrade your tank. Slow-motion magnets will slow down all enemies.

Shoot as many enemies as you possibly can, this will increase your score to allow you to unlock more tanks.

* 5 different tanks to control from World War I through to Futuristic.
* Easy to learn, intuitive touch screen controls.
* Explosive enemies.
* Immersive, in-game soundtrack and sound fx.
* Slow-motion and defeat-all, explosive power-up’s.
* Collect military stars to upgrade to faster more powerful tanks.
* Compete against your friends with the in-game leaderboard.

Download – World War Micro Tanks – Jungle Warfare Blitz – Now! It’s FREE!

Aqua Chase Shark Attack


Available on iOS
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Aqua Chase Shark Attack V1.1
Released 13th August 2015.

We have just released an updated (V1.1) to Aqua Chase with improved compatibility with the latest iOS. Plus, it’s now even easier to win new characters.

Remember, this simple avoidance app has 3 different control types to choose from, basic avoidance, tilt avoidance and copter control. They range from really easy to very difficult. Download it now and pick the one that best suits you in this aquatic adventure.


Aqua Chase A Hungry Shark Attack V1.0

For never-ending fishy fun, choose from five fabulous characters – Clown Fish, Jellyfish, Seahorse, Stingray, Turtle – and help them on an aquatic quest across the ocean floor dodging the dangers that lurk all around.

Look out for evil sharks, Big Blue and Gammy Green, they are keen to catch and eat you. Keep your eyes peeled for Gruesome Grey as he is hiding in the background and tricky to spot.
Keep away from the sea mines and spiky sea bombs or they will whoosh you to a watery grave.
Don’t be fooled by the cute wiggly worms, they hide a deadly fisherman’s hook.

Collect the pretty sea shells to unlock characters.
Collect the magnet to attract more shells!


Play Three Ways!
* Move your finger to control your character – for BEGINNERS
*Hold your device flat and tilt to control your character – for GOOD GAMERS
*Tap to go up and let go to drop down. This takes true skill. Are you good enough? – for the SUPER SKILLED.

Hoverbike Vs Chopper War

Hoverbike Vs Chopper War

Available on iOS
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Hoverbike Vs Chopper War

The military are not taking any chances and will stop at nothing until all the Hoverbikes have all been destroyed. For some reason, you’ve been dragged through a time portal and arrived on planet Earth.

All you and your Hoverbikes team want to do, is return home, but you must avoid the hostile choppers as they think you are here to invade. Do what you can to survive, shoot those helicopters down if you have to, but make no mistake, you will be surrounded and wiped off the planet if you do not keep your pilot skills razor sharp.


Good luck piloting 6 of the most advanced Hoverbikes.
Sharp shooting and lightning agility will win the battle.
This is war, this is Hoverbike Vs Chopper Wars.

Battleship Heli Wars

Battleship Heli Wars

Available on iOS
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In the midst of battle you must be vigilant, evasive and defensive. In this action-packed horizontal shooter, Battleship Heli Wars throws you into command of your very own Battleship fleet.

You are being attacked from all angles by enemy battleships and helicopters. Trust your instincts, move quickly and shoot smart to survive.

Battleship Heli Wars Gameplay

There are two battles to be fought – day and night.

Avoid or shoot oncoming enemies to win stars… look out for the bombs dropping from the skies too, they’ll kill ya!

Collect as many stars as you can to upgrade to ten faster and more powerful battleships.

Be the best. Only the best are at the top of the leader board.


Jungle Leap – Animal Adventure

Jungle Leap

Available on iOS
Apple Store Download

Our first jump game has just hit the Apple App Store, Jungle Leap -Animal Adventure. Download it now, for free.
You have to avoid the deadly spiders and all the rocks across multiple platforms as you leap across through jungle with a choice of 7 crazy characters. Collect coins and unlock more cool characters. Run into the chest of coins to attract all the coins on screen.

Jungle Leap Main Menu

Who your favourite? Challenge your friends to beat your score in the Game Center and become the king of the jungle.

Sniffy Dog Run – Bubble Bee Adventure

Sniffy Dog Run Icon

Sniffy Dog Run – Bubble Bee Adventure
Apple Store Download

Sniffy Dog Run has just had an update and is now version 1.1.

What’s New in Version 1.1
Smoother, Faster, Gameplay.
More Fun Characters.
App Localization.
Icon Improvement.
Updated to iOS7.

Hello! My name is Sniffy. Do you want to join me in the garden for some sniffing? Oh, I love sniffing. It’s the best thing in the world. If I sniff really, really hard I sometimes find bones! Oooooooh, bones. I really love bones. There are lots of bones to find, if you know where to sniff. Do you want to help me find lots of bones?

You do? Oh, that’s brilliant.

Oh … but … oh no … I hope you’re feeling brave … because … on a lovely sunny day like today there will be lots of … bumble bees buzzing around! I really, really don’t like bumble bees. They scare all the braveness out of me. And then, there’s the … ooh … oh, I don’t even want to think about them … the scariest things that fly … … bubbles! Oh, bubbles. They wobble and bobble about in the sky and try and pop on me. It really puts me off sniffing for bones … Mmm bones, I love bones. Oh, I know where there might be some bones. Come on! Let’s go in the garden and get sniffing.

Help Sniffy Dog by tilting the screen to move around.

The longer you keep him safe, the faster he sniffs!

How many bones can you help him to collect?

How long can you keep Sniffy Dog safely away from bumble bees and bubbles?

Help Sniffy Dog and he’ll be your friend for life!

Sniffy Dog Run Game Logo

Mortar Dodge War

Mortar Dodge War Icon 256


Available on iOS and Android
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This crazy, world-warfare, arcade, battle has come down to dodging the mortar bombs to stay alive.

Simply drag your finger left and right to keep your soldier safe from the bombs.

Challenge your friends to become the hero and beat your friends’ highest score.

Are you ready to take control of this retro, defence, blitz and join your brothers in arms for this seasons most addictive app?

~ 4 tough, warriors, ready for combat to choose from.
~ Simple, ‘drag to avoid’ controls.
~ Invincibility available by upgrading to Kids Mode.
~ Optimised for both phones and tablets.

Mortar Dodge War - screenshot#4

Captain Cybercon Chaos City Run

Captain Cybercon Chaos City Run

Chaos City is under attack.
The key for mankind’s survival is hidden in the circuitry of Captain Cybercon’s computer.  He must get as far away from Chaos City as he can. The further he goes, the more lives will be saved.  Only you can help Captain Cybercon avoid total planetary disaster.

* Tap the screen to jump.
* Avoid all obstacles.
* Keep him running as far as possible.
* Captain Cybercon can change his suits.  Which will be lucky for you?

Together, you and Captain Cybercon can save the PLANET !!!”

Easter Bunny Hop 2

Easter Bunny Hop 2

With ten cute bunnies to bounce, choose your favourite and beat all your friends’ scores.

Girly Bunny
Boyo Bunny
Mummy Bunny
Daddy Bunny
Carrot Top Carl
Eggy Eddie
Top Hat Trevor
Biker Barry
Punky Pete
Magic Merv

Who will be the best hopper?  It’s up to you!

* Choose to bounce in the country or at the beach.

* Play each different character.

* Challenge your family and friends to beat your score!

* Tap anywhere on the screen to jump over or under the eggs and balloons without touching them.

* Collect coins to unlock your favourite bunnies.

* Follow the platforms to find the stacks of coins.


Happy Easter!  Happy hopping!  Happy chocolate egg scoffing!


Dragon Cave Flying Quest

Dragon Cave

The cutest dragon in all the land is Duke. He needs your help searching the caves for hidden gems so he can unlock his friends Del and Dave. But be careful … Don’t clash with the caves … Flap to survive in the day and at night … Dodge the fearsome fireballs and deadly evil dragons that guard the gems.

* * * * *

* Tap the screen to fly.
* Avoid rocks, fireballs and deadly dragons to survive.
* Find gems to unlock more dragons.
* Guide your dragons through day and night worlds.
* Start by flying Duke
* If you’re good, fly Del, he’s pretty tough.
* Try Dave if you think you can handle him!
* Fly your Dragons further than your friends can.