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Sniffy Dog Run – Bubble Bee Adventure

Sniffy Dog Run has just had an update and is now version 1.1.

What’s New in Version 1.1
Smoother, Faster, Gameplay.
 More Fun Characters. App Localization.
 Icon Improvement. 
Updated to iOS7.

Hello! My name is Sniffy. Do you want to join me in the garden for some sniffing? Oh, I love sniffing. It’s the best thing in the world. If I sniff really, really hard I sometimes find bones! Oooooooh, bones. I really love bones. There are lots of bones to find, if you know where to sniff. Do you want to help me find lots of bones?

You do? Oh, that’s brilliant.

Oh … but … oh no … I hope you’re feeling brave … because … on a lovely sunny day like today there will be lots of … bumble bees buzzing around! I really, really don’t like bumble bees. They scare all the braveness out of me. And then, there’s the … ooh … oh, I don’t even want to think about them … the scariest things that fly … … bubbles! Oh, bubbles. They wobble and bobble about in the sky and try and pop on me. It really puts me off sniffing for bones … Mmm bones, I love bones. Oh, I know where there might be some bones. Come on! Let’s go in the garden and get sniffing.

Help Sniffy Dog by tilting the screen to move around.

The longer you keep him safe, the faster he sniffs!

How many bones can you help him to collect?

How long can you keep Sniffy Dog safely away from bumble bees and bubbles?

Help Sniffy Dog and he’ll be your friend for life!

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