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Easter Bunny Hop – Don’t Crush The Candy

Our Easter Bunny Hop game is a simple but addictive

‘Twas the night before Easter, and the busiest bunny in the land was pouring melted chocolate into mugs of hot milk while his favourite Easter Jive song hopped and bounced around his kitchen …  Suddenly, there was a knock on the wooden door.  Easter Bunny hopped over and opened it with a smile.  “Hello Dave,” he said.

The Easter Bunny, like most bunnies, had a huge family and this Easter, his 56th brother, Dave Bunny had come to stay for a holiday.  Dave Bunny brought with him, his wife Dozy Bunny, son Dizzy Bunny and little daughter Diva Bunny.  They all hopped into Easter Bunny’s home, their noses twitching at the smell of chocolate.  They loved chocolate. Chocolate milkshake, chocolate cake, hot chocolate drink and most of all, chocolate eggs!

While they tucked into their steaming mugs of hot chocolate and licked their fur and whiskers, Easter Bunny told them all about the exciting competition he had planned for their holiday … to find out … who was going to help him deliver all the yummy Easter Eggs!!! – It was quite simple, the best hopper would be the winner!  That meant the Bunny who could hop over or under the most decorated eggs would get the honour of helping the Easter Bunny!  But who would it be?

Diva Bunny – she is the cutest and smallest.
Dizzy Bunny – he is the coolest and cheekiest.
Dozy Bunny – she wears glasses, so she can see best.
Dave Bunny – he is the strongest but also the biggest.

Who is going to be the best hopper?  It’s up to you!

* Play each different character.

* Or choose your character and challenge the rest of your family to beat your score!

* Tap anywhere on the screen to jump over or under the eggs and balloons without touching them.

* Collect coins to unlock Dozy and Dave.


Happy Easter!  Happy hopping!  Happy chocolate egg scoffing!

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