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Escape From Area 51

Massive Explosions
 – Fast Arcade Action
 – Killer Drones 
- Awesome Power Up’s.

They’ve decided it’s time to fight back. The UFO’s have been held captive at Area 51 for decades and all they’ve ever wanted to do, is just go home. The military have removed all the power sources from their spaceships and the aliens need to collect enough power-cells to get home. Your mission is to help the aliens get home.

~~ BE WARNED! ~~
The military have strict instructions to shoot on sight. Proceed with caution!

~ Can you help them collect enough power cells to get home?
~ Avoid the drones and fighter craft who are determined to stop you – at any cost.
~ Do you have the razor-sharp, pilot skills required to control the UFO’s spacecraft?

Upgrade your UFO spacecraft for more powerful fire-power to help defeat the enemies.

** Collect cool Power Up’s to help you survive **
Power Magnets will help attract more power cells.
Air Grenades blow up everything on screen – with speed.
A Grenade & Magnet Combi will blow up everything and collect extra power cells at warp speed.

*** Steer on the Left ***
*** Shoot on the Right ***

…and keep your eyes peeled, it’s tough out there. Remember, the aliens need you.

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