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Jumping Cauldrons Halloween Party

It is time for the annual Halloween Party and the three witch sisters, Glenda, Petunia and Roberta are bringing the soup.

But … OH NO!!! They have forgotten to make it!

Quickly, they cast a magic spell to fill the cauldron with soup. But the spell goes very wrong and the soup flies out of the window in hundreds of cans!

Help Glenda, Petunia and Roberta to jump their way to the party and catch the flying cans of soup. But be careful … on their journey, they must not hit anything else.

* Tap the screen to help the witches bounce over and under the balloons, ghosts, skeletons, bats, spiders and snails.

*Collect all the flying cans of soup to get all three sisters to the party.

*Collect the ‘Super Soup’ Power-Up to attract more soup cans!

Join in the Halloween fun and help get all the sisters to the Halloween Party with enough soup for everyone!

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