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Witch Broom? Halloween Flying Quest

Willamena Witch stole every sweet from all the other witches in the land. She then ate them all, like a big greedy evil witch … with extremely bad teeth.

The other witches were very cross and decided to steal her Witch Broom.

Now all Willamena can fly on is a smelly wet mop!

The only way Willamena can get her proper Witch Broom back is to catch enough sweets and buy it back from the other witches.

* Move Willamena by touching the left side of the screen.
* Shoot by tapping or holding down on the right side of the screen.
* Avoid all flying pumpkins, bats and ghosts.
* Collect all sweets.
* Catch the Potion Bottles for Power Ups.

Can you help Willamena catch as many sweets as possible and finally earn back her Witch Broom?

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