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World War Helicopter Battle – Air Combat Chopper Command

Under the constant threat of war, defence forces have developed
better, faster, more accessible ways to dominate battles in the form of  helicopters.

Now with World War imminent, the first show of strength is coming in a wave of attacks from the new World War Helicopters, armed for maximum devastation.

Both Ground and Air Forces have been assembled to take down these new helicopters in these fearsome Helicopter Wars.

As a top World War pilot you are assigned the dangerous task of flying through the desert missions under attack from air and ground forces.  Avoid all enemy fire and shoot all other craft on sight. Collect stars to earn new helicopters.

Can you learn to pilot the 10 different choppers to survive the air combat? The lives of millions are depending on you. Stay alert.  Stay alive.  Good luck, pilot.

* Control your helicopter by touching the left side of the screen.
* Shoot by tapping or holding down on the right side of the screen.
* Collect all stars to upgrade to faster, more powerful helicopters.
* Collect grenades Power Ups to assist you in difficult battles.
* Collect magnets to pick up more stars.

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